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I don’t want, I don’t want you to take our son to that dishonest world.

-I will take Gikor to Tiflis, and he will become a real man. What will he do here in the village? Will he become a shephard like me?

In the morning Gikor’s mother, sisters and brothers were seeing Hambo and Gikor off. There was not any taxi in sight, moreover there wasntt any Yandex taxi. There was not any bus either. So Hambo and Gikor put their rucksacks on their shoulders and set off to Tiflis.

-Dad, I am tired, I am hungry and thirsty.

-Dear Gikor, have a little more patience and walk to that oak-tree. WE will sit under that oak tree, have rest and eat bread and cheese. There is also a spring of mountainious water there.

When they got to that big oak tree, they stopped and sat down in the shade of the tree. Hambo took a big piece of bread and cheese, black caviar with butter and lamb chops out of his rucksack. (գառան մսով կոտլետներ) They ate bread and cheese with butter and black caviar. Gikor wanted to drink water from the spring but at that moment Hambo told him that he had brought two bottles of Coca. Gikor didn’t want to drink that artificial drink and said that he would miss their pure spring water. Then they continued walking. It was getting dark. They stopped at Hambo’s old friend over the night.

-Where are you going to, Hambo.

-We are going to Tiflis. I want my son to become servant and then he will open his own business.

-That is the right decision.

When they got to Tiflis it was already afternoon. They went to the market. There were a lot of people in the market. They were buying and selling fruits and vegetables. They were also bargaining.

-How much are these apples?


-You don’t say so! They are too expensive. Cut down the price.

-How much can you give?

-Five rubles.

-You are robbing me. I can give you for 6 rubles.

-That’s a deal.

-Ծտի վանդակ, ծտի վանդակ, an Armenian Kinto was shouting..

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