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Yeghishe Charents

Now we are visiting Yeghishe Charents’ Home Museum in Yerevan. It is on Mashtots Avenue. Yeghishe Charents is considered to be the great Armenian poet of the 20th century. He lived and created in a very tragic period for Armenia: the Great Armenian Genocide in 1915 and revolutionary events in Armenia in 1920-1921. He reflected these tragic events in his poems.

Charents was charged for “counterrevolutionary and nationalist activity” and imprisoned during the 1937 Great Purge. He died in the Yerevan prison hospital. All his books were also banned. Charents’ younger friend Regina Ghazaryan buried and saved many of his manuscripts.

As it is unknown where his body was buried, on March 13 thousands of Armenians and among them schoolchildren and university students, gather in front of the Charents Home Museum to express their love towards the great Armenian poet. They recite his poems, sing songs with his lyrics.


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