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Ways of talking about the future.

  • Do not marry that girl. -I will marry her. (will)

They will probably reject our proposal. (prediction)

I promise I will help you when I get my salary. (promise)

I think I will manage to do this work. (opinion)

To be going to do something is used when we want to express intention (մտադրություն)

I am going to study English thoroughly for my future job.

Present Continuous is used when we have an arrangement (պայմանավորվածություն)

-Will you join us in the afternoon? We are going to play tennis.

-No, I can’t. I am meeting a friend of mine in the afternoon.

Task I.

Complete the sentences with the correct future form.

  1. I am sure (there is) a lot of people at the party. prediction
  2. Now you are jobless. What you (to do). intention
  3. We (visit) our grandparents next weekend. arrangement
  4. He wants to become a doctor. That’s why he (to study) biology very well. intention
  5. What have you planned for the coming weekend. – I haven’t planned anything. Maybe, I (to stay) at home and read the book I boorrowed from the library yesterday. prediction, opinion
  6. You haven’t done anything this month. I think you (to fail) the exam. – I (to prepare) for it very well. You you (to see). Prediction, promise
  7. I (to see) my doctor at 1o’clock pm. arrangement

Limits of our knowledge 

From First Certificate PassKey

In recent years a lot of publicity has been given to the problem of global warming caused by the so-called greenhouse effect.

It is worth pointing out, however,  that not all scientists agree about the causes of warming or, indeed, if it is happening at all. Moreover, it is important to remember that reliable records have only existed for 130 years, which is a very short period in climatic terms. While this has been a particularly warm decade, we know that there have been other warm, and cold, periods in history, although we have no precise records about them.

In other words, recent changes in the climate could be explained by natural variations.

Besides the lack of convincing evidence, there is a tendency for this type of issue to get too much publicity and to become fashionable, which, in my opinion, does not help the scientists. Science is about making calculations and predictions and building up theories that must be tested, and often only time will tell us the real answer.

So, bearing this in mind, it is important to be aware of the possible consequences of problems like global warming, but it is also necessary to remain realistic about the nature of scientific research and the limits of our knowledge.

Useful expressions in essay writing 

It is worth pointing out, however, that … Այնուամենայնիվ, արժե նշել, որ …

indeed – իսկապես

Moreover, it is important to remember that …–Դեռ ավելին, կարևոր է հիշել, որ …

while – այս նախադասության մեջ՝ նույնիսկ չնայած

in other words — այլ կերպ ասած

Besides the lack of convincing evidence …- Բացի այն բանից, որ չկա համոզիչ վկայություն …

There is a tendency for this type of issue … միտում կա

in my opinion – իմ կարծիքով

So, bearing this in mind …but … also  –  Այսպիսով, հաշվի առնելով սա … բայց նաև

Write an essay using the above-mentioned expressions in bold type.

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