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«Conversational English»դասընթաց Քոլեջի ուսանողների համար

-Hello, Gohar.

-Hello, Anahit.

-How are you?

-Fine thank you, and you?

-I am fine too.

-Where are you from?

-I am from Yerevan, and you?

-I am from Yerevan too. Which is your district in Yerevan? District-քաղաքի շրջան

-I live in the South-West district of Yerevan.

-And I live in the North-East of Yerevan, in Avan.

-Gohar, do you work or study?

-I study at the College of Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex. My specialty is “Organization of Tourism”. I am going to be a guide. I will show the places of interest of Armenia to the tourists who will visit our country.

-What languages do you know?

-My native language is Armenian and I am learning Russian and English. Anahit, are you learning any foreign language?

-I am learning Russian and English too. Gohar, are you married?

-No, I am not married, I am single. Anahit, why are you learning Russian and English?

-I am learning Russian and English because I am going to work in an international office.

-Yes, knowing foreign languages is very important now.